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The reputation of the brand has stood the test of those 30 years . Nearly half of Macros sales in recent years has been to previous Macro owners help. upgrading or downsizing or just adding another.

At Macro we understand the value of all those 30 years of experience in crafting our products ;..our designs are copyrighted but it is our workmanship and refusal to compromise quality that is our Trademark. We hear it every day from happy Macro owners!!!!

MACRO was started in 1980 by Merv Crotty, himself a horseman, horse judge and an engineer. His decision to enter horse float manufacturing was made to provide safe, quality trailers suitable for harsh extreme conditions throughout Australia.

MACRO quickly became one of the most respected names in the horse float industry and is the only Horse Float manufacturer to be awarded the & Design Council Selection award from the Industrial Design Council of Australia.


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One of our Members was asking about Caravan Insurance.

I personally have always used a certified Insurance Broker to find the best caravan and car insurance deals out there for me.

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