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Geist Direct is a brand new concept in leisure vehicle sales.

We provide motorhomes direct from our manufacturing plant in Germany straight to our customers, with no middle-men. As well as passing on the considerable savings to our customers, this approach also ensures that you deal only with Geist's knowledgeable and helpful team of staff. We have showrooms in the North East and Lincoln where you can view our extensive range of new and used vehicles. We also offer excellent service facilities at both sites through our Camper NE and Camper UK workshops. Geist Service At our Camper NE and Camper UK premier service centres, our technicians are fully trained in all aspects of caravan and motorhome servicing and repair for Geist and other manufacturers' vehicles; We also regularly send our technicians on appliance and equipment training courses so that their knowledge is always up to date. We are not focused on selling - you deal direct with the repairer rather than a sales person. Spares and obsolete parts - we have a vast knowledge of caravans and motorhomes across all manufacturers.

If your vehicle requires a spare part which is no longer manufactured, we are confident that we can source an appropriate and suitable alternative for you.


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Car and Caravan Insurance

One of our Members was asking about Caravan Insurance.

I personally have always used a certified Insurance Broker to find the best caravan and car insurance deals out there for me.

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