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Phoenix Caravans has always had a superb reputation among serious bush travellers for sheer strength and ability to take outback punishment.

Greg and Fay Rosenthal have infused a whole new world of unique innovations and beautiful finish to these awesome vans.

Competitive Advantages & Attributes that make Phoenix unique

Proven Off-Road Capability & Reliability
Phoenix Caravans has amassed a wealth of testimonials from satisfied client's and trade magazines. All of whom attest to our products' ability to traverse where few other caravans are able to venture.

Expertise in design & production Methods
Phoenix has established a valuable reputation for listening not only to their own clients but also clients of other manufactures, the resultant product is accepted as one of the most reliable and comfy caravan for Off-Road use and has refined it's manufacturing & production techniques to produce caravans to survive the harsh Australian outback conditions that many caravans are subject to.

Custom Build to Individual Requirements
Custom build is a Phoenix tradition; we welcome our clients input; each caravan is produced to owners individual requirements with a selection of optional extras available thus allowing specific parameters to be met; and where possible to the abilities of the towing vehicle.

Quality Management
A quality control program ensures our superior production standards are not compromised at any point of the manufacturing processes, This, combined with the high proportion of qualified trades persons, ensures the finished product will pass the most discerning examination and is one of the many reasons that second-hand Phoenix caravans retain their value to such a high level.

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