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The name Roma is richly embedded in Australian Caravan history.

Since 1928 Roma Caravans has been in the business of providing your family a place to call home while you're out for an extended holiday with your family, on a weekend getaway from daily activity or doing a full time jaunt to see Australia. Founded by Victorio Palmerini, the operations was passed down to son Tony in 1962. Since that time, Tony's two sons, Brendon and Mark have joined their dad in building Roma Caravans to the innovative empire of Roma Caravan Manufacturer and Dealer it is today. The Palmerini, along with their talented and visionary crew have made Roma one of the longest established caravan manufacturers in Australia!

Roma pride is in working with you to create just the right caravan that will suit you! We have our standard models that are often just what you hope for, but if there are minor adjustments or modified floor plans you are seeking, our team is able and willing to assist you there, too!

Roma's Australian Caravans have five dealers around Australia for your convenience. Please feel free to stop in and see what we have to offer you!

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