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Aussie Wide Caravans is a manufacturer that sets the standard, and is a continuing success story. We build more than just a caravan, rather an assembly of perfectly matched components, assembled by some of the most highly skilled caravan builders in the industry. Whether you require Pop Tops, On Site, or Touring caravans, we have the perfect option for you, and if not we will build your custom dream caravan. Whether towing on a highway, across the country, on windy mountain roads, or off road your journey will seem a lot shorter with chassis engineered to produce excellent balance to meet the requirements of the most demanding travellers.

Together with our dedicated team of designers, engineers, and builders we manufacture a product that has overcome many everyday problems caused by caravans being built for weekenders, lacking general construction quality, reliability and towing stability. No two roads are the same. Every bend you encounter is different. This is why the strength and durability in every Aussie Wide Caravan reigns superior on the road delivering precise handling that will increase your confidence and safety.

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