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Elross Caravans was established in 1983, by Ean and Carolyn Hill. Elross Caravans were initially involved in caravan repairs and refurbishment, specialising in both domestic and industrial caravans. It is through this experience, that Elross caravans, utilising their knowledge of predominant caravan construction weaknesses, saw a need within the industry to provide a superior and unique, dedicated 4x4 off-road caravan aimed at both the recreational and industrial sectors.
1992 saw Elross change location and undertake a down size to focus on and maintain quality of product, during which time Elross began developing a prototype, ‘true’ off-road caravan, proving to the caravan industry that it is possible for a caravan to venture off-road without sustaining any damage. Subsequently, establishing themselves as leaders in custom built 4x4 off-road caravan design and construction.
In 1995, the Hill’s son David joined the company. David Hill, was the first person in Australia to graduate from TAFE with a Certificate in Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing and Repairing.
2007 saw Ean and Carolyn retire to travel around Australia in their custom built Elross built 5th wheeler caravan. Leaving David to realise his ambition to rebuild and expand the company. Since then Elross has expanded considerably and to that end is still doing so.
Today, Elross Caravans continue to be leaders in custom built, high quality, heavy duty off-road, 4x4 caravans, 5th Wheelers, Industrial Caravans and Motor homes. Providing many customers with the means to realise their dreams and discover this great country of ours.

Elross Caravans are built for people who require a caravan that will fill all their needs with a minimum of compromises. To achieve this we sit down with the client and discuss all their requirements ie, distances to be travelled, road surfaces expected, length of time the caravan will be used as their home, their essentials for inside fixtures; fittings and type of vehicle that will be used for towing. Not unlike an Architect who designs a house to suit their customers needs, we build a caravan to suit our customer's needs, using the best technology available.

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Free Campsites and Low Cost RV Camping grounds in Western Australia, Australia

We are always looking at ways to improve our site and are pleased to announce our Free and low Cost Campsite Maps area is now open.

I'm a great fan of cheap caravan holidays

Our map of Western Australia is fully operational, plus you can comment on any of the entries you choose in our dedicated camping forum Western Australia section.

We have listed on our Western Australia Map:
Free RV Camping grounds, including Low Cost Stopovers, Rest Areas, Cheap Caravan Parks, Dump Points, Visitor Information Centre, Sight seeing and things to do along the way, all can now be found in one convenient map location.

Also included whenever possible, is an interactive map and of the location, water availability, toilets, fireplaces, shade and things to do once your there.

To make it easy for you to make up your mind if you would like to stay at one of our listed locations overnight, I have added photos from Google earth showing GPS coordinates to each campsite we have listed, and also included them in our maps. At most campsites you will be able to see if your caravan, motor home or tent will fit.

My thoughts are to create a single website to visit, that caters for all Australian locations in one place, each is packed Now you can make an informed choice as to which of cheap caravan holidays you would like to go on.

Free Campsites Australia Wide Maps for camping on the cheap with your Tent, Caravan or Motorhome

We are always adding new Australian locations to our free online maps as soon as we become aware of them.
If you would like to add your location to our free campsite maps, simply become a member of the Caravan On Tour site, and you will be able to Add to our online maps database.
We have included roadside rest areas in our maps as they can provide overnight stopovers at no cost to the hip pocket. I personally have stopped at some that have toilet facilities and a river frontage not bad for an overnight stay on the cheap.
Camping with a tent, caravan or motor home on a tight budget can be a real adventure.
In each of the locations I've indicated the necessities of life, such as water, toilets, fireplaces, shade and if they are pet friendly camps. As it is difficult to monitor the accuracy of all these campsites, I welcome any feedback from those of you with more up to date information about these locations,
To make it easy for you to make up your mind if you would like to stay at one of our listed locations overnight, I have added photos from Google earth showing GPS coordinates to each campsite we have listed, and also included them in our maps. Most sites you will be able to see if your caravan or tent will fit.
The Visitor Centre and All map locations are GPS locatable.
Australian Free and Cheap Camping grounds now including low cost stopovers in an all in one convenient map location, each  sorted by State and Territories including Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, camping with a tent, caravan or motor home on a budget.