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All ads will run for 3 months, then a renewal notice will be sent if your item hasn't sold.

There are no limits as to how many times you can relist your item, but hopefully it will sell fast for you..

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Vehicle Towing Capacities and General Car and 4x4 and Information suitable for Caravans

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Used and Pre-loved Caravans For Sale, from all over Australia

Welcome to our Caravan For Sale section of our website.

We are pleased that you have found us, and taken the time to browse through our list of caravans for sale in Australia. This list features vans from all the Australian State and Territories, so hopefully you will find something of interest close to you.

As all of us know, finding a pre-owned used van that is suitable for your own personal needs, is a rather long and drawn out event. 

We have tried to present the vans available for sale on our site easy to find, and with details that are relevant to purchasing.

We Highly Recommend you get your potential purchase looked at by a professional to determine roadworthy and any hidden defects that may cost you money to rectify in the bear future.

P.S. If you wish to sell your caravan then feel free to place an Ad in our Free Online Classified Ad Section.

Warning: When Buying anything second hand. (It's Buyer Beware)

Please be aware that caravanontour.com does not endorse the accuracy of any listing found on our site, and therefore cannot be held responsible for a purchase gone wrong.
We highly recommend you checkout in person, any high end ticket items found listed on our site, before committing to buy them.
IMPORTANT: Remember for Motor homes check if there is a current roadworthy certificate issued, and that an Australian compliance plate is also fitted.
It is well worth a few extra dollars to get a qualified mechanic to take  look at the mechanical condition and give you a written report.
Check to see if the Caravan has an Australian compliance plate fitted and that the TARE And GROSS are correct, as some owners will have fitted extra fixtures that may overload the van, and therefore make it illegal to tow.
It is good practice to make sure your tow vehicle is legally capable of towing your new van, before committing to buy it.
Its important to point out that if you have any doub't about what your looking at, get someone with experience to go over your chosen purchase, before any of your cash changes hands.
Get it in writing: that your deposit is a holding deposite only, until someone can do a thorough report for you, and give the go ahead for the purchase.
Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

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