GoldStar RV 21FT Liberty Tourer Caravans Clearance Sale in AUS

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GoldStar RV
Liberty Tourer
Like New
1850 kg
  • Single Beds
  • Annex
  • Air conditioner
  • Heater
  • Television
  • Microwave
  • Petrol Generator

Built from unbeatable quality and comfort, GoldStar RV is offering its range of 21FT Liberty Tourer Caravans of 2100 Series at special discounted prices throughout Australia. Buy your caravan for the freedom in adventure.

21FT Liberty Tourer Caravans - Designed to Capture Your Imagination

Premium Quality Features:

  • Sandwich Panel Aluminum Construction
  • Lightweight and Waterproof
  • Easy to Tow Size
  • Modern Class Interior
  • Solar Panels with Charger
  • Independent Suspension Tandem Axle
  • Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Aussie Traveller Tri-lock Security Door
  • Hot Water System
  • Full Ensuite
  • Roll Out Awning
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
  • King Jack Booster Antenna
  • Ample Cabinetry Storage

What More!

Our caravans will give you the luxury and comfort you desire and make you feel at home away from home.

Successful Semi Off-Road Tourer Caravan

Prices: Starts from $49,135

Buy now from GoldStar RV at the lowest offered prices. Hurry! Limited period offer!

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