Assorted Vehicle Towing Capacity List

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Holden Jackaroo U8.

Year Released: 2000
Country Of Origin: Japan
No. of Cylinders: 4
Engine Capacity: 3059 cc
Gearbox: Automatic 4 Speed
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity in Litres: 85 L
Max Towing Capacity: 2500 KG (Braked)
Vehicle weight: 1780 KG
Vehicle Length: 4660 mm
Vehicle Height: 1840 mm
Vehicle Width: 1745 mm
Payload: 560 KG
Holden Jackaroo U8 2000
Holden Jackaroo U8 2000_001
Holden Jackaroo U8 2000_002
Holden Jackaroo U8 2000_003

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Vehicle Towing Capacities and General Car and 4x4 Information for Safely Towing Caravans.

A handy comparison list of many of the current and not so new 4x4's and a collection of general cars on our roads today.
I have included Fuel Consumption , Weights and dimensions along with general Stats about most of the vehicles,
Also included are photo's of the cars and four wheel drives, so you can easily identify which 4x4 can tow what Caravan safely.
Another often overlooked thing is Car Insurance. My recommendation is to use an insurance broker for both your car, 4x4 and caravan insurance. Its amazing what some of these guys can do save you money, by combining your caravan and car insurance on one policy.